An Affliction Called Olympicitis

I have to admit I have found it difficult to keep up with blogging during the Olympics.  It’s not because I would normally blog during primetime; rather I am so tired from staying up late to watch the games while still getting up early for a run or boot camp, that it’s difficult to focus on writing anything worthwhile.  I call this affliction “Olympicitis”.

London Olympics

Every night I tell myself I am going to stop watching at 9:30pm and of course I get sucked in because Bob Costas keeps saying “after the break, we will see the exciting conclusion” or “will Michael Phelps get his 40,000thmedal after the break” or “when we come back from the next commercial the Fab 5 sit down with me and discuss their triumph”.  Enough of these “when we come backs” occur and before you know it, it’s after 11:00pm!

Michael Phelps

I know you just have to accept the fact you are going to be tired during the Olympics but it doesn’t make it any easier.  You just never know when the next great moment will occur and you don’t want to miss it when it does! 

Just to get caught up while I have this moment of clarity:

On Monday I was supposed to wake up and go to boot camp and instruct but I had changed my alarm setting Sunday morning to get up early for a run and forgot to change it back.  I blame this first of many mental lapses on the Olympics.  So I woke up around 6:30 in a panic when my wife’s alarm went off and realized I had over slept.  So…Monday was a rest day.

On Tuesday, I woke up on time and headed to boot camp for a run day.  Good thing I didn’t miss as I was on the schedule to do the warm-up.  Our word of the day was “Run like the Wind” in honor of us doing a long run.  The bad part of this was that it rained for about 15 minutes before boot camp began which raised the humidity to mammoth levels of thickness.

I finished the warm-up and then we broke into our super-speedy and speedy groups.  Jason lead the super-speedy group and Gary lead the speedy group with me joining the super-speedy’s.  Of course, with the rise in humidity, I was feeling anything but speedy.  It was so thick that it was more of a challenge to breath in a normal fashion. 

We ran from the campus through Decatur and over to the Decatur Cemeteryfor some challenging hills.  Then we headed through some of the neighborhoods around Decatur and I kind of lost track of where we were, which is not unusual for me.  Jason is good at finding hills and we were really challenged as we carried on through the morning.  Everyone did great in spite of the challenging air conditions and we ended up doing about 3.8 miles.

Decatur Cemetery

On Wednesday morning our GBI run group met at Agnes Scott and headed out to do about 3 miles.  It was a small group of Suzanne, Susan and myself and we did a route I call the triangle.  When you map the run, it kind of forms a triangle hence the name.  We basically run down 3 major roads that bring us back to the campus and with an extra loop around Agnes Scott, it comes to just over 3.1 miles. 

It wasn’t as thick for our GBI run but still very humid as it had rained the night before.  You know when the windows in your house fog up that it is really humid.  This run was a little more enjoyable as we kept the pace down a little from the previous morning.  It was especially great to run two mornings in a row and three of the last four. 

I am really starting to focus on ramping my miles up as the North Face Endurance Challenge is in approximately 10 weeks and I need to start getting ready.  I and a few others are running the half-marathon distance this year and since it is only my second race at this distance (and an intense trail runto boot) it will definitely be a challenge to get in proper shape.

Dean Karnazes

This weekend Dean Karnazes (who hosts the endurance challenges) leads a 10k run from one of the North Face stores in our area so my plan is to join in as my first “going long” run as I build up to October.  It should be a fun way to start ramping up the miles!

Stats from Wednesday GBI Run:  Untitled by eyerh66 at Garmin Connect – Details

Stats from Tuesday Boot Camp Run: Untitled by eyerh66 at Garmin Connect – Details.


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